Dorset Energy Advice Centre Closes Roads in Bournemouth

Dorset’s multi award winning Dorset Energy Advice Centre (DEAC) has recently been closing roads in Bournemouth – for all the right reasons.

One of the most ambitious parts of the project to date has been the insulation of 18 buildings, containing an impressive 120 flats as well as 10 additional lofts of adjoining properties – all in one go.  The task was so big that two roads had to be closed off for two days!

The work was arranged and managed by the Bournemouth Landlords Project set up and run by DEAC on behalf of Bournemouth Borough Council.

Project Manager, Peter Bywater says “This was a difficult project to orchestrate but we got there in the end, and we had to close Purbeck Road on day one and St Michaels Road on day two to allow the work to be done due to the height of the buildings and needing to put ladders and vehicles in the road in some cases.  Altogether there were five teams of installers from Warmerhome (Southern) Ltd who carried out the essential work and did a fantastic job.”

This incredible project was complete and finished on time, and within budget!

The Landlords Project was started almost 6 years ago by DEAC under the management of Peter, it was established to provide free insulation (cavity wall and loft) to tenants living in privately rented accommodation. 

Since 2004, DEAC have worked with private landlords to insulate 8000 dwellings, saving 180,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and £980,000 on tenants fuel bills annually, drawing in £1.6 million of utility funding. 

Peter says of the award winning Landlords Project “Since we started the project over five years ago it’s been a lot of hard work – but when we measure the positive impact and success of the project it makes it all worthwhile.  To have insulated 8000 dwellings in some of the most deprived areas of the county is absolutely outstanding.”

The project has been so successful and has shown such impressive results DEAC are in the process of to rolling it out to other areas – they have just completed 4000 dwellings for Southampton City Council, 700 dwellings have been insulated over the last couple of years in Poole and further dwellings will benefit from the projects expertise in Weymouth and Portland where the project recently launched.

If you are living in or own privately rented accommodation and would like to register for the Bournemouth or Weymouth and Portland Landlords’ Project, then please contact Peter Bywater on 01202 307416 or 0800 975 0166 or visit or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Blog site – just look for Dorset Energy Advice Centre.

If you would like to find out more about Dorset Energy Advice Centre or would like to interview Peter Bywater, please contact Darren Northeast of Spiral MPR (working on behalf of Dorset Energy Advice Centre) on 01202 676762 or

Photos show the roads being closed, and the insulation taking place.

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